Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday, July 17- Coco!

Wow, what a scorcher-  we had a brunch today and actually had a number of people show up despite the heat- Duane set up the big tent in the backyard over the kiddie pool and we all ended up out there, with our feet in the pool, drinking Duane's punch while Dave cooked eggs and fresh-picked mushrooms on the grill...
Yup-  what a life!

And here is our lovely dog for today, Coco, whom I painted at the tail-end of the brunch with some on-lookers~  I enjoy painting with people around.   And here is what Bethany has to say about Coco, who happens to be her parents' dog~
"I know little about Coco, except that he brings my Mother and Father-in-Law much joy.  They adopted him a few years ago when he was surrendered when an older woman was no longer able to care for him.  He lives in Charlotte, NC and I know he loves ice cream.  I think it is funny that my in-laws denied a dog to their four kids when they were young and never considered themselves dog people, but now Coco is a major part of their family and among the four kids, each of them now have 2 dogs."

Funny how our families turn out, ain't it?  Coco looks like a sprightly little sweetheart of a pup~!

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