Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4th! Cooper~

And THIS is our Red, White and Blue Corgi for the Fourth of July!  What a fireworks display!  I meant to do all the dogs as cropped in head portraits, but this seemed to call for a larger shot~  And here is what Mary, her owner, says about Cooper;

"My Cooper the cardigan corgi is an unusual looking dog that longs to be 
 Commander stumpy as she is sometimes called is long and stumpy with a polka dot blue coat, a few 
prominent black spots and if she lifts her tail with the proper surge of pride one can see a black heart 
out lining her 'stuff'. She is very athletic and a good listener with BIG pointy ears and a face that is 
kinda Dobermanish."
I had the pleasure to meet Cooper in person in Mary's backyard in "Whimsy On Thomas" or WOT, and 
that is an accurate description of her home because it is exceedlingly whimsical!  The area Cooper is sitting
is NOT the Grand Canyon as one may conjecture but one of two  enormous concrete sculptures Mary
made in her backyard around a firepit and Cooper's favorite place to sit.
I did actually paint another dog too, but that one is on my i-phone and I am not sure how to post
it...    maybe later!

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