Friday, July 29, 2011

July 29- Ditto!

It is funny that I would do a repeat of a dog named Ditto...  I actually did THREE versions before I was happy, and now have two that look like completely different dogs...

Ditto is a very lucky dog, in that he is on his second set of owners who are close to his original owner who will be turning 92 next month!  What a great way to live~
And what a mischievous face!  Personality up the ying-yang on this one!

Sorry, I'm a bit pooped, and trying to get my stuff together for the Red Hot Art Sale tomorrow at Steven's Square!
I hope you are coming by!
It's been a VERY long day-  I dropped my piece off at the State Fair (wish me luck!) and was very happy with how quickly it had all gone and the conversations I'd had in line, and as I was shooting out onto Snelling, I had a call from the head art guys saying I had to come back and get the piece and frame it....  Now, I KNEW this, because I have entered work in the State Fair for a few years now, so I couldn't be mad at THEM, but this piece is painted on a gallery-wrapped canvas and therefore NEEDS no frame.  And one of the women who was helping there looked at it and said," I really like it like this!"  So, I took it home and Duane and Max and I went on a run to Home Depot, and Duane took it back to the studio while Max and I played in the sandbox with the mosquitoes and ants and Duane had to miter the corners twice or something but then he very kindly ran it back over to the Fair for me so I haven't seen it yet.  I hope it gets in.
thanks for letting me blurt...
See you tomorrow!
the two scotties I have on the list for tomorrow will be done in the morning... wish me luck with that too...

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