Friday, July 22, 2011

July 22- Scout & Peeps!

Now, THESE two were a heckuva pleasure to paint!  Not that any of our other canines have been unpleasant, but this was quite fun!  All the HAIR involved, plus the incredible expressions....
well, you'll just have to tell me what you think!
Oh and while I'm at it, I would really appreciate all of your input on which five paintings should have prints made of them~  I will have greeting cards of all of them, but the prints require a bit more to do, and cost a LOT more, so I am only planning on doing five of the dogs...  if you have a favorite already, you can cast your vote!
And here is what Helen writes of her two canine companions~
"Scout is a border terrier mix and quite possibly the best dog we will ever have. She is the perfect dog that everyone hopes for - well adjusted, well behaved and sweeter than sweet. She came to us from West Virginia via Underdog Rescue. Scout is a true athlete. Her athleticism is  a beautiful thing. At almost nine years old, she still has an amazing vertical that lets her effortlessly jump up on five foot retaining walls as she casually walks next to them. When we first got her, she would jump up on the 4 inch wide railing on our back deck and walk around like a cat. She's 30 pounds of grace, love and fun."

"Peeps is a Brussels Griffon puppy mill rescue from Missouri (via Underdog Rescue). While four-year-old Peeps had a hard luck start to life, she is resilient. Thanks to lots of love from a great foster home and us, she is beginning to embrace life. She's overcoming her fears, and is not afraid to show enthusiasm. She's so enthusiastic sometimes it's like living with a cartoon character as she slides across the wood floors, moving too fast to make a turn or come to a stop. Looks-wise, she's a show stopper - snaggle teeth, big eyes and messy hair. When her tiny tail wags so goes her whole body, earning her the nickname Tiny Dancer. "Busta move, Tiny Dancer!"

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