Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 14- STELLA!!!

Honestly, I LOVE the name Stella~  I once had a great student named Stella, who drew an incredible iguana in 3rd grade and was the epitome of creative student...
I have had the honor of meeting THIS Stella, who has a great dignity and beauty about her, and an elegance that can be seen in the bearing of her head here... she is not beyond silliness and joy, however...
And I have to say it was difficult to chose a photo to paint from the selection Kari gave me, because Kari is an incredible artist herself and sees the world in a refined, elegant and dignified way, and many of her photos are beautiful works of art, which are nearly impossible for me to paint from as I need to feel my own interpretation in the painting and if the photo is already great, what do I have left to do?!?
oh and Kari titled this photo "Ear Wings" which just about explains it all~

And come tonight to hear me talk at Private Art 2 if you can~  I've been writing all afternoon~  I need people to read it too!

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