Saturday, July 17, 2010

July 17~ "Glacier!"

Life does move by incredibly fast, and we hadn't seen Pat and Mary Laurel in forever so we agreed to meet at the Mayday for breakfast a couple weeks ago and they brought the charming Glacier along for a photo shoot on the sunny sidewalk out in front. She's known for her crossed-legged pose, I took a lot of shots to make sure I got the best examples and honestly this is a great looking dog! There may be a couple more versions of this pup.

And the day out at Woodbury went well~ it was hot as heck but the generous folks who put the event together actually put up tents for us, complete with covering sides and all, big giant water barrels tied to two sides for wind anchors. So all I had to do was show up with Duane's truck that HE loaded expertly for me this morning with all my stuff, plus whatever he thought I might have forgotten. He's really good at that.

And I had so many compliments about my work, people walking past on the mall getting sucked in by the dogs' eyes... it was great! And packs of young women jumping on the pile of FRANKEN-T-Skirts and trying them on! One young woman actually tried on a couple FRANKENSWEATERS! I mean, CASHEMERE in 100%.... wow~

And THEN my mom showed up to help me, so I got to paint Glacier out there, and THEN the storms started coming so they let us head out two hours early! Yay! I got to get home and watch Max trot all over the backyard sandboxes and swingsets in his diaper before I fed him and bathed him and read him stories and tucked him in~

I just gotta say, this LIFE I have somehow been blessed to live just keeps giving me more things to be grateful for. Like right now, Duane is sitting behind me in the chair, just back from playing guitar across the street with our neighbor, feeding me the occasional spoonfull of ice cream while we watch Katherine Hepburn and Carey Grant in "Bringing Up Baby" on TPT.

I love Minneapolis!

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Jill said...

It is a great life. I am so happy for you and Duane and Max and everyone around you.

This painting of Glacier is marvelous. What a fun composition. Maybe you could do more of these playing with light and structure and dog and shadow. Glacier looks very grand. Congratulations for showing off her cross legs pose.