Monday, July 12, 2010

July 13- "Gussie"

...and THIS is GUSSIE!!! This is Jeff's fluffy white dog with the winsome tilt to her sweet little face as she stands by the delicate but effective gate in her backyard~ what a fun and well-loved little fluff-pot!
Honestly though, white dogs are REALLY hard to paint- you wouldn't believe how many times I had to redo this one... and I am STILL not sure it's finished... i'll wait to hear from Paul on that one~
and this is the crazy week I was warning you about, when I am working at Articulture teaching crazed small children about the joys of animals, especially our familiars the cats and dogs~ not that I've painted a cat series yet, but my loyalties were much different when I was a subdued and sulking adolescent. I mean, who better fits the loner ideal? Who shows attitude and snubs your every effort at play and connection? Hmmmm. That sounds really bad, especially when the two felines sharing our household aren't really like that. Well, Madison maybe for a while when she was being feral in the basement after just getting here from Virginia and all, but Jeebo has always been a big mushy pile of affection.
ANYWAY this is about dogs, so I'll let Gussie stand magnificently white and toddle off to bed and hopefully be able to be coherent and educational tomorrow~
thank you!

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Paul said...

Kat! Love it! Gussie is gorgeous! Jeff and I couldn't be more surprised at how you really were able to bring out her personality! You have to invoice us for this one and after the month is done you have to do one of Maximillian! Love you! Paul & Jeff