Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dog for July 1! Dog #1~

Hi all!
Here is Cody, a sweet fluffy white Bichon who resides it the Longfellow 'hood~ white fluffy dogs are notorioudly tricky, what with the white and the fluff... and I have at least two more to do this month!
Max's napping was a little trickier this morning- He didn't want to go to sleep, of course, on the first day of my big project! Ack~
And I just got word that I will be granted a show at the Birchwood Cafe from the end of August through to Oct 3rd! So some of these pups will have a place to hang!

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Jill said...

How did someone stop to take a picture of Cody? She seems to be a little racer-arounder.