Advanced Paint Love Six-Week Painting Workshop Early Spring 2021

Advanced Paint Love Six-Week Emphatic
Acrylic Painting Workshop
Sat Feb 13, 2020, 9:30-11:30, through March 20

Because of and despite COVID, we need to paint together.

This session is designed for advanced acrylic painting students- more specifically, for people who have taken my  Paint Love class at least twice (or who have studied with me in other ways). We will be moving forward from our usual four color pallet and black 6x6 inch panels and pushing ourselves to try new ideas and shake ourselves up a bit. 

You will be expected to have homework and to be working independently, and I will also be providing painting time during our sessions. I encourage you to work on a larger piece at the studio that can remain there for the duration, and to keep smaller work at home so you don't have to travel back and forth with absolutely everything.

We will look at using other colors as well as the Fab Four (quid magenta, primary yellow, pthalo blue in red and green shades, and titanium white), as well as playing with other grounds and surfaces. You will be exploring and getting a little uncomfortable and stretching yourselves.

As an adult, I know we all have busy lives. My hope and expectation with this workshop is that you commit some time to working, even if it is just to do a sketch every day. I'll be providing you with a simple (cheap, so not to be fussed over) sketchbook to do some scribbles every day, often first thing in the morning is best. I will also be able to provide Sta-Wet Pallets at the studio for you, and One 16x20 Canvas as well!
Here is a link to the suggested Materials List~ it includes a few new ideas and mostly what you should already have at home.

We will have group critiques at the start of class, then move into our theme or experience of the day, after which there will be work time and I'll wander and poke and prod you into motion~
We will meet in my Studio #210 at the Ivy Building in South Minneapolis, 2637 27th Ave S~ it isn't officially finished with the reconstruction yet, and so the elevators are unavailable, but our end is functional and the studio is big enough to allow for FIVE students (plus me) wearing masks and with possibly open windows and my air cleaner on. We will meet at the back door on Sat mornings at 9:25 or so and I'll bring you upstairs (you'll have to be able to walk up two flights) for our sessions.

ZOOM Participants Only! read this- I mean, everyone can read it, but it will apply only to Zoomers- 
I'd like to schedule a separate time for us to meet- Tuesdays from 7-8:30pm will be our time, where we will share and I'll demo for you and check in and push you. It has been easier to talk to people on Zoom when we are all on the same screen, rather than trying to help people in class plus people on screen. This means you can also opt to join us on Saturday mornings for our group critique (and just to say hi to people you may be missing!) but it also gives us a chance to work together more closely.
I will send you the Zoom link when you sign up.

I will also be available via ZOOM or cell phone or email during the week, if you have questions or concerns. Just let me know!

Class size is limited to FIVE people in person, and no more than FIVE  ZOOM participants.
Sign up below~ and let me know if you have any questions!

For more information, please call 612-720-6675 or email , or check my blog at

Advanced Paint Love Feb/March 2021