PAINT LOVE this FALL 2020 with me! Sept-Nov In- Person and Zoom Classes!


TEN-Week Acrylic Painting Workshop
Saturday Sept 12, 2020, 9:30-11, through November 21 (skip 10/17)

I started teaching adults in my studio in 2012.

I have found that I need to teach as much as people seem to want to learn. I have been desperately missing the community we create in our gathering and painting and seeing the world together, and I'm developing this new amalgam class that will (hopefully!) mix both in-person and Zoom meetings, as well as record our meetings so those who miss can still catch up. 

My intention is to start in September and move together into November, meeting outside in parks that are convenient to all of our participants. If we seem to all agree we like one park in particular, we can certainly chose as a group to continue to meet there. And if my studio is suddenly available for (limited, masked and distanced) occupancy again, then I would be overjoyed to meet you there!

Right now, I would like to invite our first class to meet in my yard (3841 26th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55406). We can distance ourselves along tables, wear our masks, and talk in the fresh air.  Our first meeting will be Saturday, Sept 12th from 9:30-11. At that meeting, we will figure out distances and closest parks, and progress with our meeting spaces from there.  I hope to be able to meet outside at park spaces for most of Sept and Oct and maybe even into Nov!
When it isn't possible to meet outside, we will hold our meetings virtually and I'll gather your images ahead of time for our critiques.

Started as an introduction to acrylic painting, this class has become a meeting place for people who want to explore their own creativity through structured lessons and homework and in-depth discussions with others about life and art. The only prerequisite is that you are willing to learn, and that you promise to try NOT to compare your work to anyone else's.

We start each class by looking at the previous week's homework,  with a painting demo and an in-class assignment, followed by discussion and your homework assignment. Questions are encouraged, as is courageous thinking. We paint the world around us and what we love, looking at value and proportion. Advanced painters are welcome, as are beginners, and we all work from where we are.  Part of the worth of this class is in the discussions and connections we make.

Click below to save your spot now!  Because we won't be meeting in my studio, you'll have to bring your own materials.  I am happy to help you get set up at our first meeting if this is all new to you!  Here is my preferred materials list-  You'll want enough panels to paint in our meetings and to have about 4 panels for at home during the week work! Paper is fine too~

Do please let me know if you have any questions!

Class sizes are limited to 10~
$385, tax included
For more information, please call 612-720-6675 or email , or check my blog at

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