"HOME-vember" A NEW Daily Painting Challenge!

Time for "HOMEvember"!

I've not been as good at my daily painting this October, for any number of easily believable reasons (truly good ones too! ask me and I'll tell you!) and I've been thinking about a different project for a while, so I am starting another 30 in 30 Project for NOVEMBER and I'm calling it HOMEvember because I want to paint people's homes~ or a place that seems home-ish to you~

This will be a good bit more of a challenge for me, and I may need to adjust the number to 25, because I'd like to do these all at an 8x10 size. In addition, I'm going to offer these at $165 (actual commission value of an 8x10 in 2017 is $232) because I'm not sure how well they'll work, and I want to get the practice in...

We will have a HOUSE PARTY on Wed Dec 20th from 6-8pm at Diamond's!  Come see!

SO what do I need from you?

- A photo of a building (or a part of a building) in good light with high contrast~ send it to katjojo@hotmail.com!
- A date in November you'd like your building painted
- Subscribe to my blog at www.katcorrigan.blogspot.com to follow along- I'll post the list on Halloween!
- Bid on your painting!

I think that's it~ and yes, I will also be taking on commissions for holiday presents in the next couple months, so DO let me know if you are wanting one of those!

Thank you so much for all your support and love~ I can feel it, people!

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