Thursday, December 16, 2021

Dec 15, Yup! Another Pup!

 So I'm a little tired today, because there was a storm happening last night, with a tornado watch until 11, so we sat up playing games and reading and finally went to bed just after 11. Wednesday is device-free day in our house, though that doesn't always stick all the way through. We did all play a game of Chinese checkers, which really needs to be renamed, and is also a pretty darn fun game of strategy and planning and has no killing or shooting or blood involved! Just marbles migrating across a board.

I've got a few commissions left that I am finishing up through the next few days, and I've also got a couple classes that I just scheduled, one for next Wed, 10-12:30, though maybe I'm too late announcing this one because no one has signed up yet- which is fine!  I can let it go!

We are also have a Studio Sale this weekend at the Ivy, in Studio #210! You'll want to come around the side of the building to the door next to the garage door facing the Greenway and the RR tracks on 27th Street! We're open from noon to 5!

8x8 acrylic on wood

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