Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Dec 20, Lovely Timber

I think I'm finished with this one-  pretty close anyway!  Winding down on those commissions, and I suppose it's about time!  I mean, really-  this IS Solstice, isn't it?  The Holidays are right on top of us!  I am so terrible at waiting, though-  I've been wrapping presents this afternoon and I just want to GIVE them to everyone right NOW!  I am SO bad...  I know it's good to wait-  anticipation can build up that desire, that appreciation even more, right?  But I just like to give things to people.  It's fun!
Hmm.. what can I give YOU?!
I know!  I'll give you 25% off anything in my Dailypaintworks gallery!  Ha!  From now til Dec 30th, let's say.  And this is the only time I'm mentioning it!  Maybe I should make it even more then-  sure, how about 30% off! Yeah, I think I can handle that!

Happy Holidays, and thank you SO much for helping me make my dream of being a real artist come true!


Timber 16x16 acrylic on canvas, SOLD

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Jyoti said...

Cute dog :) Very nice painting, I like it. You are a gifted artist :) Keep it up. Have a wonderful day :)