Monday, August 17, 2015

August 17, "Head First!"

Yup,  that's how it feels sometimes at the start of a new school year, the end of summer, getting back into the groove... better jump in Head First because otherwise you won't get anywhere!  And then just keep swimming til you figure it all out!
I wanted to paint this one because it's a bit complicated and I would like to try a larger version too maybe for the Aquarium or wherever else I can show these monsters!  So do know that this one is just a 6x6-  Duane took the photo-  I love it!  that intense look in that huge eye!

And Painting Lessons will be commencing on Wednesday Sept 16th from 6-8:30-  I'll usually be at the studio by 5:30~  let me know if you are interested!  Limited space available!

Materials Options

acrylic on panel, 6x6, $75 click HERE to purchase!

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