Friday, July 4, 2014

July 4th! Victor! Happy Fourth of July!

And this is Victor!  I wanted to paint him on the Fourth of July because I loved his story!  He's such a great intent active happy fella!
And I've also made a video of me painting him this morning...  you'll get a glimpse of Max's head, Fatoush the cat, Gus and Teddy our dogs, and I use Queen's "Keep Yourself Alive" as the soundtrack...  click the link to see!

Here is Victor's story, by his loving, patient and understanding owner, Eve!

Vic’s foster name was Lucky which is fitting as he is a very lucky dog. This thin and sad looking puppy appeared on our block in the Victory neighborhood and kept the neighbors on the north end of the block awake at night with his howling. He was very skittish and would not let anyone get close to him. When we were finally able to capture him I took him in as a ‘foster’ for a rescue organization since he had no collar, tags or microchip but after a short period ended up adopting him. He was named Vic in honor of the neighborhood that helped him find a home. Two years later he is a happy active dog and we are both lucky that he chose to make our block his permanent home.

Okay!  It worked!

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