Monday, December 16, 2013

Another Bear for auction!

Wow what a busy weekend!  holy buckets!  I need the weekdays to REST!  So the gathering for my opening at Rye last Thursday went well, and I wanted to thank all of you who intended to come but then e-mailed me to let me know you wouldn't be able to make it!  I was able to spend some time with a dear friend I don't get to talk to enough, and when she left at 5:30 I was wishing I'd made the hours 4 to 6, instead of 7…
SO instead of sitting by myself nursing a glass of wine for another hour and a half, I bravely (and I DO mean bravely-  can you imagine how much courage this took?!?)  picked up my box of cards featuring my artwork and went around to all the tables and introduced myself, saying, "I am having an Art Opening and thank you for coming, and since you ARE here, I wanted to thank you by giving you a card!"  whew!  This was so great because people were very kind and lovely and I got to talk about my work and explain what I am doing and chat with people I might not have met~  and it just felt good!  But WOW, did that take me buckling myself up and steeling myself for some rejection!  Goodness!  and I was exhausted afterwards!

And THEN when I got home I had a text from a beautiful couple of friends who had arrived just after seven, and another friend this weekend said the same thing!  I was simply wiped out by 7 and had to leave.  I used to be able to stay up late….

And here is today's auction!  A lovely bear-  I wanted to call this one "Contemplation" as well, but since that is the title of the wolf from last Wed, I guess I have to come up with something else.  I do like how he is turned away from us, looking over his domain.  For some reason "Smokey the Bear" comes to mind…  maybe he is scoping for forest fires?

"Scouting His Domain" 6x6 acrylic on panel, click HERE to buy now or BID!

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