Friday, July 22, 2016

July 22, Honey!

Wow, was THIS a fun one to paint!  I love that face!  I'd told Wendy I was going to paint a different version, but when I looked through the images she sent me again this morning, I decided this one is the one-  and you may understand why when you read her story~

The story of Honey

I believe that dogs are here to remind us to live in the here and now, to slow down our lives and remind us what is important. Here is the story of Honey:

Last September my daughter and her boyfriend Cole went to the Big Island of Hawaii to work on a macadamia nut farm for several weeks.
The first day they were there, one of the farm’s many dogs took a shine to Emily. Her name was Honey. Honey didn't leave Emily's side for long, following her while she picked macadamia nuts and Kona coffee, walked the goats, fed the pig, or sold goods at the farm stand. When it came time to head back to life in Minnesota, Emily couldn't leave her behind. 

Fast forward a month. Emily found herself in the emergency room with a terrible headache. Scans showed a mass that turned out to be brain cancer. She had a successful resection of the tumor, 6 weeks of radiation and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. 

You know how animals have that extra sensory thing about them? I am convinced that Honey knew Emily would be needing her in the coming weeks and months. She has rarely left her side, accompanying us in Rochester for the surgery, the weeks of radiation and our family trips.

She not only helps my daughter, but all of us. She's a little dog with a strong, quiet and calming spirit that keeps us all grounded. She has proven to be an integral part of the healing process for all of us, but especially for her favorite person in the world, Emily.

8x8 acrylic on wood, sold

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