Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 6, Oban!

Today's lovely little spunky pup met me at the Citizen for breakfast this morning!  And despite it sprinkling and the waitress claiming that they don't serve out on the patio when it is raining, she did!  Yum!
This is my re-do of Oban!  I like it MUCH better!  What do you think?
this is the first version....
And here is what Oban's owner, Kathryn, says about him!

Oban is a little different from our other cairns, more laid back (well, just laid back "for a terrier"),  Also, he is the first cairn we have ever owned that tolerates other dogs.  He is really affectionate and he is a mama's boy all the way.
Oban's official AKC name is SnowedOn's Oban Scotch Whisky.  DH told me, before we ever got him, that our next cairn would be named "Oban," after the scotch -- of which he is an enthusiast -- and the seaport in western Scotland that we visited in 2012. Cairns are from that area of Scotland originally, and he thought Oban seemed an original and appropriately Scottish name. 
I was afraid I would call him Obe Wan Kenobe -- but I don't.  I call him Obs or Munch (short for "Munchkin") instead.  But I am threatening to call our next cairn Laphroaig, the name of yet another single malt scotch (really - just joking).

Oban is a smart and sweet little dog with a big personality and even bigger energy. I love him dearly.

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