Saturday, July 12, 2014

July 12, Molly the Reading Dog!

I gotta tell ya, this was one of those wonderful, serendipitous experiences that you SO appreciate!  I meant to paint Molly the Vizsla at Lake Hiawatha so that Molly and Connie (her owner) could come watch, but it was so humid and buggy and the marathon was on, and I thought it might be easier to go to Molly and Connie instead, so Connie agreed and invited me out to their "Estate" in Shakopee!  AND I was fed an amazing lunch after I finished painting Molly, and got to meet Franklin the sheltie as well, who is also a Reading Dog- here is the link to READ (Reading Education Assistance Dogs) and I am NOW all super excited about this and want to get Gus and Teddy trained into doing this!  When you click on the link, Molly is the top photo and Franklin is the bottom one!

And I learned to much about how the opportunities for dogs and their owners to work with others in a volunteer service situation, I am wanting to get started with my dogs!   All dogs need a job!  So do humans-  we feel so good when we are of use to someone!
Here is Molly's Library Dog story- with a little excerpt so you know why you should read it all!
""One day a boy in first grade came to read to Molly. His father whispered to Connie that his son was having trouble reading and that he did not like it too much. Then the boy proceeded to read three books to Molly!  This boy was pleased with his reading and did not stumble on words as he read aloud. Molly laid her head on his lap as he petted her and read. The boy said he would practice so he can read to Molly again! This is just one of numerous examples of how children enjoy reading to Molly and why Connie finds it so rewarding.

I had SUCH a great time!
Here's some photos Connie took of the process, and a link to more!


Connie said...

Kat is a very talented painter. Her ability to capture the colors and personality of the dog is amazing. She loves animals and paints with this love. Her smile is contagious as she enjoys doing her work. Placing the colors on the painting and blending them carefully makes a bright, unique and inspiring piece of art. Thank you Kat for painting Molly and creating a memory of the process too. This will be a cherished art piece.

Anita White said...

Such a great story ANDa wonderful series of photos of your process!! Inspiring!