Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday August 26! LOLA!

Yes, you can come find me today between 10 and 5 at the Riverview Cafe on 38th Street and 42nd Ave!  LOLA is all day today too, and here is the dog I started yesterday,

 and the wonderful gaggle of bridesmaids with the BRIDE and her painting of her dog, LOLA at LOLA!  This was so much fun!  A friend of the bride contacted me to commission the painting and thought it would be fun to surprise the bride with the gift at my studio so we concocted this plan of having the painting of Lola at LOLA!  Yay!  She was VERY surprised!  She walked into my tent, looking at the paintings and said, "Wow!  That one looks just like Lola!"  Which was my cue to jump in and say, "Actually, that IS Lola!"
She looked flabbergasted for a minute, as I am a complete stranger and what the heck am I talking about, and it was just GREAT!!!!

Gosh I love good surprises!

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