Friday, March 25, 2011

March 25th TODAY

Okay so here is Marceaux!  I think I spelled that correctly...
And I am sending out a revised list, because I have actually painted WAY more cats than I had planned, and still have a bunch I wanted to get finished before the show I am hanging NEXT FRIDAY!!! ack-
So the cats will all be hanging together at Diamond's Coffee Shoppe  for the month of April!  There will be an Opening/Closing party too!  But I don't know when just yet- I'll send that out as soon as I do!  This is an insane time for us right now, with all the crazy house stuff, taxes, the end of the quarter so I have to get GRADES done, the Deviant Dog art show at Northrup King, my 3rd Annual Short Animation Film Festival at school, and tomorrow morning I am giving a small presentation at a Music Educator's conference about Art and the Happy Child....

Throw something else at me.

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