Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Crap! December 23rd!!!!!

Ack!  Man, I've been SWAMPED which is GREAT but keeps me from things like POSTING to this wonderful blog!  Here's a few of the reasons I've been busy-  this sweet Dobie was just commissioned YESTERDAY but I thought I'd try and be a Christmas elf and get it done by Christmas anyway!  Still gotta dry and be varnished... but I like it~! 
and then there's loveable Duncan and loveable Baby and the solid and trusting and loyal June~  so many great dogs, so little time!  I did decide last night to work on some Max paintings... people are SO much harder for me than dogs, and houses, and power poles, and trees...
So life moves and flows and there is lots of snow on the ground and we are happy and have runny noses and sneezes but big family time is here and there's lots to do and people to see and Duane is working on his house to try to get it on the market by january but I doubt that's gonna happen so we'll need to cover his mortgage for a while longer so if you know anyone who would love a painting of their dog or house or tree, send 'em to me!
Happy Holidays, hope you are healthy too, and loving whatever particular aspect of your world you are in right now!  You do realize this is all temporary, right?  Appreciate the heck out of it!!!!

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PATRICK said...

Kat, you are so awesome and I appreciate the heck out of you!!!