Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wed! Nov 24~

Yippee for winter weather and our warnings of them! Such a lovely day- I constructed two and a half FRANKENSWEATERS and three FRANKEN-shirts and hung out with Max and now Duane is outside with a fire while I try to deal with business stuff.... yup this IS business! And here is the Cat portrait I did for Laurel two weeks ago! See, the deal is that Duane had this on HIS camera because I had to go to work and called and said, "Hey! I didn't get ANY photos of Lori and me and I didn't get any of that painting either! Take some!" and being the wonderfully obliging pic-taking man he is, he took pics for me! SO this is some cats, Lori's roommate's to be exact, and there was a party going on around me while I painted this since there just hasn't been a lot of time lately to sit and luxuriously paint (or bathe, or read, or just good-old-fashioned WOOL GATHER either!) and it was Lori's "Welcome Home For A Few Days After Leaving Us All And Moving To Portland Over Two Years Ago" Party so I HAD to get it done. It was Fun! Have you heard of the band Cloud Cult, where two of the band members paint while on stage performing? Well, really, that's my ideal situation. I hate to feel I'm missing out on anything. I'm not one of those solitary crabby elusive hermit austure artists at all, in case you didn't realize that. I like people.
Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for listening!


jim said...

Nice to see you paint some cats!

Kat said...

Thank you! I plan to do a few more in the future- trying to figure out how to do a series because cats just aren't like dogs you know.... so it would have to be something along the lines of "17 Cats In Two Months"-