HOMEvember 2020- Keep It Cosy!

November is a hard month, for me...

Maybe its tough for you too~

And what helps me is painting. 

AND helping other people. 

SO for the fourth year in a row, I'm going to be attempting to paint one painting a day for at least 20 days in November. We'll see if I get more submissions than that, and if I can handle the pressure. 

I'll be donating most of the proceeds to Simpson Housing Services, because they always do an incredible job and because of Art4Shelter, and because there's way too many people who need somewhere to stay this winter!

This year's HOMEvember Project will be 6x9 inch acrylic on wood paintings, and a commission that size is $160, but if you want yours FOR SURE it will be $108 for this project ONLY!
If you don't want to commission your photo and I choose it anyway, then we'll auction it, starting at $50 and going to the highest bidder!
I'm planning on at least 20 paintings, and if I can sell all of them for $110 (minus taxes and materials) then I can send almost $2000 to Simpsons! Wahoo!

So HERE'S what I need from you!
- a PHOTO of your home, or somewhere that means HOME to you, or a sweet view inside your home! (really, just about anything counts!)
- a date in November that you'd like the painting done
- SUBSCRIBE to my blog at katcorrigan.blogspot.com to follow along!
- whether you'd like to purchase the painting or not
- Click here to buy yours!

I'd also love it if you'd like to pass the word on around to others!  The more, the merrier!

Let's make this November a little HOME-ier!  And a little merrier!

I think that's it~ and yes, I will also be taking on commissions for holiday presents in the next couple months, so DO let me know if you are wanting one of those!

Thank you so much for all your support and love~ I believe there is love all around us- we do need to picture the future and pull it into being!

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