Monday, May 23, 2016

May 23, Max the Corgi from "30 Dogs 2014"

Hi all!  Shameless self-promotion here!  Dickblick is hosting a Pet Portrait contest and I entered this piece (back on May 11th!) and the voting didn't start until today!  I'm just curious about how far this can go-  there are a LOT of entries, and here is a link to vote for mine, and I also encourage you to take a look through and vote for others if you want!  You can vote once a day until May 30th, and the prizes are art supplies, but it is the notoriety I am in it for!  Wahoo!  So again, here's the link to my page for the contest, and I am honestly pleasantly overwhelmed at all the art work that has been submitted from all over  the place!  Entries don't include much info except first name and name of the city, but it is fun!
I'll be back to my regular schedule tomorrow!  Ha!
And DO think about taking a class with me this summer, either at Grand Marais in June (11-12 for Beginning Acrylic) or June 13-17 (Advanced Acrylic)  or at Wet Paint for a one day class!  More info on Wet Paint is here!  And do please send me questions if you have any~  happy to answer as best I can!  I also am available for private lessons if you'd like that~

this is my entry for the DickBlick contest~
vote HERE!

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