Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Aug 5, State Fair Entry! "The Intercessor"

Wahoo!  I got a piece into the State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition!

For those of you NOT from Minnesota, this is sort of a big deal because there's innumerable people who enter every year, and only so many of each category (painting, sculpture, fiber arts, etc) per county for the state, and I think painting is one of the categories that a ton of people submit work to... so getting in is tricky!  I think this is the fourth time I've gotten a piece in and I usually submit every year because my mom is really great at nagging me to make sure I've entered!  I hope she got her piece in too!
I titled this one "The Intercessor" because this piece is about the in between spaces of life, those people and ideas and places that can lead or guide us on to the next part, and those beings who speak on our behalf or enter into discussions and commitments to help us out.  There is a purposeful look on this otter's face as he fiercely strokes into his watery environment, the reflections of the surface hanging close to his back.

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