Thursday, October 2, 2014

October 2, 2014, "October Orange"

Last year I painted an Otter A Day for the month of October, and I meant to attempt that again, but I've already gotten to day TWO of October and don't have any new photos of otters to paint!  SO I thought I'd toss out an Orange, which also begins with "O", and maybe I'll paint one Orange a day for the month of October!  How exciting would THAT be?!?!  Of course, I can't eat the oranges because I am allergic to citric acid and my lips will swell up if I eat it, but I can still paint them, right?!

Okay!  And maybe I can talk the boys into going to the zoo this weekend for more otter shots....  though I do imagine Duane may have some photos I haven't seen yet as well...
6x6 acrylic on panel, click HERE to bid starting at $35 or to buy at $75!

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