Friday, September 5, 2014

Sept 5, "Cooper"

this is a great day~  it finally feels like a real FRIDAY after this past month of insanity!  And despite the fact that I have a rather big fun day tomorrow at WOOFSTOCK (43rd and Upton Ave in Linden Hills!  Come see me!  10 to 3pm! I would LOVE to see you!  REALLY!!!) I feel confident enough with how to set up an outdoor event, especially with Duane and Max helping me, that I am relaxing a bit now before I go to bed...
Anyway, this is Cooper, a commission, so not for sale, sorry, but I really enjoyed painting yet another fluffy dog!  This was taken at a wedding and thus the tie, and I hope they don't see it on my blog prematurely but if that happens I'll give the wedded couple another painting for FREE!

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