Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12, "Paddlefoot"

Ha!  Happy's mom's day to all!  yesterday we went to my mom's for dinner and on the way stopped at the Mn Zoo for more otter photos because I need more, and the place was PACKED!  And we only had an hour, half of which was spent walking slowly in because Max discovered some beans all over the ground and needed to pick them up, and then their subsequent pods…
Anyway, we got into the Minnesota Exhibit and the otters were doing their supreme acrobatics in an absolutely wonderful manner, and Max could only take standing there so long so Duane stayed to take more photos and Max and I went on.  We stopped again at the bears because they were all over the place, but I had a hard time taking photos of the bears AND keeping track of Maxie.  Then at one point when the brown bear was making great shapes against the light in the cave (you'll see paintings of that later!) I looked around and Max was gone.
Mother's Day and I've lost my kid.  Perfect.
I texted Duane and called Duane and was unable to get through.
So, looking like the extremely distraught mother I was, I forced my way back through against the crowd, bawling out "MAX!!!!" every few steps.  I was just coming back around the corner by the otters and there was Max with Duane.
Casually, off-handedly Duane says he didn't have any reception on his phone in here.

I turned around and headed back to the exit.  We went to gram's and had pork roast and applesauce.
I was still a bit steamed…
At any rate, Duane took some incredible photos again~
And this is from one of them!

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