Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Roadside Trees #8, Pilot Knob, Rosemount

Thank you again for your comments and suggestions!  Here is another painting of the trees on the drive back to South Minneapolis from Rosemount, taken on Christmas Day in the early evening as we headed back home with a car full of new presents~  I love the light at that time of day, the intense blue of the sky, the tones of gold and red in the trees~  
There is just SO much life in those branches, stretching, scratching, reaching into the sky!

6x6 acrylic on panel, click here to bid or BUY NOW for $65!

 And I thought I'd include another painting from my collection, from 2001 as well, though later than the Faith Lowell purchase, although now I am not sure... funny how time does that.  Keep good records!  Another new year's resolution for me...
I bought this one in Puerto Rico on vacation with my youngest sister, newly divorced, feeling somewhat free.  We'd wandered around the walled city of Old San Juan and in a small art gallery I found this painting, along with several others by the same artist, but it was the tree in this one I loved.  The negative space punching through the leaves, the great active edges defining the clouds and the further back paler green of the background trees...

Can you see how I've been influenced by my loves?

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