Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Sept 29, 2013

So, I went to a wake and memorial service last night for Tom Dale, "Tom the Tailor" as he was more widely known-  I am still somewhat in that shocked state, where I am trying to make myself understand that this is for real, I won't see him again, I won't have that bear hug again, or that face-splitting grin he gives you when you show up somewhere as if you were the exact person he was hoping to see...
The one beautiful thing (actually, the MANY beautiful things...) was the huge amount of people I haven't see in way too long who fell right back into that sense of family I'd had when I had ridden motorcycle a lot more often with them.  And who were able to understand the giant ragged hole in my heart because it matched theirs~

I painted this toad last night after I got home-  Max had found it a couple weeks ago over at Linda and Joe's house and I have been wanting to paint a series of them-  I like it.

And this morning, Max said to me when he woke up, "I want to die when you die.  I want to be right next to you when you die."  I had told him all about Tom, and dying...

God I love my kid!

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