Thursday, July 25, 2013

July 25, K9! Happy Birthday Tom!

Ha!  A bit of a departure for me, painting a metal dog rather than a fluffy one, but darn this was fun!  I know, I know, I say that all the time.  I don't ALWAYS have fun.  Really.  Sometimes traffic gets me down, or those mosquitos at night, or the sun shines right in my eyes and I don't have a hat with me...
Anyway, this is a Birthday Present for my darling younger brother, who was the biggest Dr Who fan I ever knew~  we all loved Tom Baker, and my mom knit a scarf for my brother when he was in high school that was yards long.
So let's all say "AFFIRMATIVE" for Tom's birthday!
And I am including the original request for this painting, as I think it is quite amusing~

Hello Mrs Corrigan,

I would be interested in a commissioned painting of my dearly beloved companion.  I've abandoned versions of him at different points in the time-space continuum and I would like a picture to remember him by.  I would like the painting to be 3*pi x 3*pi inches (9.424777" x 9.424777").  Please don't paint him on Thursday.  I never could get the hand of Thursdays.

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