Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1, Ziggy!

Here is the first dog of July, sweet little Ziggy!  I've also included a photo of my workspace-  I am loving this weather!  The windows are open, it is breezy, cool and sunny, there are all kinds of interesting tree stumps upside down in people's yards from the storms that swept through a week or so ago while we were clueless in England...
Gayla, Ziggy's lucky owner, has this to say about him~
"Ziggy is a Portuguese water dog who loves to swim, play catch, retrieve tennis balls, pounce on his toys, and go for long walks in the park. He is great at running and leaping off the end of the dock into the water in order to swim for the ball and bring it back and start all over again. He has a lot of personality, most of it funny and friendly."

Stay tuned for more!  Whee~

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