Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday, Feb 9th!

I meant to get some painting done last night-  I took some gorgeous shadows on the snow photos down at Afton yesterday-  it was Middle School Ski Day and I went for a walk!  I'll post those later-  We had a great class on wednesday night, talked about how to paint from a still image, a photo or an image on a laptop or phone or camera, and one student requested that I NOT post his, so we'll save that til he has a chance to like it better.  The lesson was also meant to be the "One Stroke per Color" lesson I learned from Carol Marine at her workshop a couple years ago.  I love that lesson, as it really makes ME think about where I am putting my strokes and what shape I want them to be.
AND this is Whiskey, my aunt and uncle's dog, who passed some time ago.  I sent the painting to my uncle in AZ with my mom and dad~  apparently it is a hit!

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