Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wednesday July 18, Gopher!

Got up early to get this one done!  One of the issues that comes up for me with this project is the fact that my time is very limited and I really REALLY have to plan and keep to a schedule, and sometimes I am not completely happy with the painting and know I will be going back into it when time permits~  With Gopher here, I am not sure I am happy with his expression~  I'll have to see what happens, but I am out of time today already, can you believe it?  I won't be able to paint again til tomorrow morning.  This is why my social life is rather structured and I can't stay out late like I did in my days of hanging at the Turf Club til bar close....  but tonight is my parents' anniversary and I can't miss that, and we have to go to the zoo this morning, and then I have summer program!  Whew!  Life is BEAUTIFULLY FULL!

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kat corrigan said...

...and did I seriously FORGET to PUBLISH this yesterday?!?
Good lord~ just way too much going on! I sent the image to Gopher's buyer and didn't complete the rest of what I was doing!
Hopefully this won't happen again.....