Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday, July 31 Pepper! The last dog!

Wow~  this is Pepper!  She jumped on the 30 Dogs Bandwagon just this Sunday at the Red Hot Art Festival!  I did have a couple other just for fun dogs I really want to paint, so you can stay tuned and see who else gets painted as part of my addiction to the brush....
And Pepper REALLY is a pepper-colored dog!  It was tricky trying to figure out how to get the actual color of her fur to show up...
I think it worked...
I am hanging a show tomorrow at the Egg and I on Lyndale and 28th in Uptown, and will be hanging all the dogs tomorrow night at Diamond's if you want a preview before Friday!  Yay!  DO come see us all at 1618 Central Ave NE Friday from 6 to 8pm!  I will have adult beverages and crackers, and Diamond's does great sandwiches and caffinated drinks!  Oh and I'll have hopefully a few cards of each of these new dogs too, for $4 each!
It's been a GREAT July!  Thank you so much for following and supporting me!  You make it all so much easier!

And here is what Pepper just sent to me!
Hi Kat,
I asked Billee and Butch to write something
about me, but they are too busy and said "You do it."
I am very excited about having my picture painted.
B&B have painted pictures of their departed dogs on the
walls and I was thinking that it would be nice to
have one of me while I'm still around.  I came to them at
one and a half years old. I'm half Schnauzer and
half poodle, they call my breed a "Schnoodle".
Butch says it is just a fancy name to get more money.
He says when he was growing up, I would have been called
a "mutt".  I was very shy and quiet.
Never barked.  It didn't take me long to learn that
if I barked, I could be in charge.  So I bark a lot
these days.  I'm 12 years old (almost 13)  and
I don't run like I use to and my back is a little sore....
sort of like Butch's.  We're all getting old over
here at the MusicBarn.  I like to do Yoga with Billee in 
the mornings. But the only pose that I really know is "down dog".
My favorite activity is "BEING INCLUDED".
Thanks again for painting my picture.  The photo is a picture
taken awhile back when I was looking a lot younger, but
don't tell anybody.  It's my favorite picture.
Always howling,

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