Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday July 15th, FRODO and XENA!

This is the first pair I've painted, sitting here at Articulture!  It's been fun working and talking to people~  though I am not sure the color is true because I took the photos here~  and I may do some adjusting...

Here is Jenna's tale of her two puppies!

We adopted Xena from the Golden Valley Humane Society in July of 2000. She proved to be a bundle of energy those first months and chewed everything from the feet of our chairs in the dining room to the undersides of the cabinets in the kitchen. We decided she needed a companion as my husband and I work during the day away from home. 1.5 years later we adopted Mr. Frodo (yes, I'm a HUGE LOTR fan) from a large pet adoption at Macy's in downtown Mpls. He is such a 180 from the Warrior Princess and such a wonderful balance. Whereas Xena was always "talking", looking for the next job and anxious to chase anything that moved, Frodo was content to sit and contemplate life and wait for the next treat. They have been such a joy in our lives and we are so greatful for their companionship!

Gee, and now that I see them on the screen, I am seeing that I want to do some eye adjustments...  I'll repost them when I've fixed them!
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