Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday July 9th, Junie!

Junie lives in Texas with Krista, and I was going to edit her story for length but I enjoyed it so much I figured I'd include it all here!  We'll see if it will fit in the book....

Junie's Gotcha Day 

Cheryl and I were planning on getting a vizsla puppy from the same breeder my sister used.  Unfortunately, Jewel's last litter there was only one puppy and it was a male, and he had already been spoken for.  That was Jewel's last litter.  We were disappointed.  I wanted to go to the pound that day to find me a new one.  But we waited.   
About a month later we were shopping in our local pet store.  They were having an adoption drive for some dogs from a local shelter.  There were two 6 week old black dogs in one cage, a boy and a girl.  The boy was up at the front of the cage, wagging his little tail.  The little girl was a the back, laying down with the most soulful eyes.  I got her out to pet her, and immediately fell in love.  Cheryl is a veterinarian, so she knew all the right things to look for in a puppy.  Me, I was smitten.  She had an upper-respiratory  infection (i.e. runny nose), so she immediately was nicknamed "buggers."   
When we finally got her home, we couldn't decide on a name.  Since Cheryl is a veterinarian, she has heard of every name in the book, so every time I suggested one, she would say it was too common.  So, we both decided we would write our 5 favorite names and chose from there.  Junie was on both of our lists.   
Junie, was named from the chapter-books, Junie B. Jones by author, Barbara Park.  I was a substitute teacher, and I learned early on, whatever elementary grade I was sent to, everybody enjoyed listening to the adventures of Junie B. Jones.   
That was 8 years ago.  Today, Junie loves to swim and fetch.  Her strong friendly tail has knocked off a wine glass or two.  While she is still a very soulful dog, she has brought Cheryl and I so much joy.    

Krista, 2012


scully said...

Awesome, you depicted her so well. We are so excited! Keep up the great whorl.

christine said...

Really nice. Could you please share whether or not you use medium with your paint to extend them? I am envious of your technique!

kat corrigan said...

Hi Christine!
I use Golden Acrylics and use the Golden extender medium, very liquidy and white, as well as a stay-wet pallet to keep my colors really moist. This lends a wonderful schmooshy-ness to the paint and keeps it brilliant and thick~
Hope that helps!