Sunday, July 1, 2012

July 1, 2012- Dakota!

Welcome to JULY~ and the 2012 30 DOGS in 30 DAYS Project!!!!  thanks for following along~  today's dog is Dakota, a shepard mix who lives in Becker, MN, with a number of sheep, chickens, and cows, and who delights all she meets with her irrepressible grin!  Here she is featured lying in her pool, a favorite place in the heat on a day like today.

Dang, what FUN!  Here is a view of the huge painting I did for Susan Hensel's Gallery~
Stay tuned for more dogs~!  And PLEASE feel free to send me comments!


Doggie Valentino and Kubrick 9 said...

How wonderful! We would have gladly posed for you... but Los Angeles is a bit far from your home. Love your work :)

kat corrigan said...

Goodness! You don't have to live in Minnesota to POSE!!! Send a photo!