Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday July 13, Ollie!

 This is Ollie, who lives with Junie of July 9th!  I have to admit that I had a hard time deciding which of the excellent photos to choose, as Ollie's personality shows through in all of them~  I liked his eyes in this one, and the gleam of his shiny black coat!
Ollie is an Australian Shepherd.

After Krista and Cheryl welcomed Junie to their family, they realized she needed a playmate. Cheryl picked Ollie from a litter of others; he was shy and reserved. But that only lasted about 5 minutes!  Like the books about Junie B. Jones, Ollie is a true pesky little brother.

Ollie's registered name is Ollie Glock. Glock -- because he is a pistol!  He is a herder, much like his breed, and will follow any child around as if they are sheep to protect.  He loves to show-off,  jumping up and spinning in circles. But Ollie can also be very sweet. He loves to cuddle!
Ollie has become a true companion for Junie. And, for Krista and Cheryl!  

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