Saturday, April 7, 2012

March 7, Saturday

I feel a little bad for not posting sooner.  I have some great palm tree paintings from Florida I meant to post last sunday, Palm Sunday, but wow.  Somedays I have no choice but to slow down.

I've been slow the last few days.  Bingo died on Thursday afternoon.  I've made a webpage of most of the paintings I've painted of him.  He was a huge muse for me, and a huge support of my art and life and joy, and very good at making me take a walk when I needed to go make some space in my brain by occupying my body.  It was a terrible surprise, to find him unable to move anything but his head and the choice was quickly made to help him through to the other side.  Man.  More paintings will be forthcoming.

And I had just painted these this week for the Deviant Dogs: Dispelling the Myths fundraiser at Northrup King.  I have a number of NEW dogs at the "Deviant Dogs: Dispelling the Myth" Show at the Northrup King Building (1500 Jackson St NE Mpls, 55413), Gallery 332 on the 3rd floor.  It opens  April 5th 5-9pm for 1st Thursday, and has an Opening Party on Saturday April 14th 3-9pm.  I will be there on the 14th from 7-ish to 9.
Come see me and buy one!


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Monica Burnette said...

I'm so sorry about Bingo! My condolences.