Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday, March 15th~ BABE!

This is Babe, a sweet, calico-colored cat, also known as tortoiseshell or marmalade in England...

I am amazed at how difficult her eyes were.  That really is the secret to getting the feel of an animal, or a person I imagine, is getting the right size, angle, shape and light in those fragile colored orbs of liquid~
This is a note my friend Linda sent along with the photos of Babe, which I find says a lot about Babe and her personality~
"Here, finally, are some photos of Mom's cat, Babe.  Please note that she has extra small, dainty little front paws.  Mom loves that about her.  (As do we all!)  :)"

I do hope her front paws came out as delicate, dainty, and extra small!

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