Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thursday, March 1~ 30 Cats in 30 Days starts NOW!

Alrighty then, folks!

Here is the revised list for the 30 Cats in 30 Days Project!
 I do reserve the right to move and adjust cats to different days, so this isn't written in stone by any means, and if your cat is not a commission it may be adjusted to make room for a commissioned piece.  If this would really bother you, you can let me know and we'll make sure your cat does get painted.  And I am always willing to take payments per month or week until a piece is paid off~

1- Patrick Corrigan~  Mr Timmons
2- Lucy Bacon~  Charlie
3- Anya Zalyba~  Luna
4- Kris Musto~  Carlos
5- Judy Woodfill~  Lulu
6- Jim Kruse~  Stripey Kitty
7- Stephanie Shippy~  Fergie
8- Jeremy Hansen~  Emma
9- Alaina G~  Suai Chuong Lao
10- Soozin Hirschmugel~  Smokey & Sweets
11- Carla Kennedy~  Woody
12- MaryAnn Miller~  siamese
13- Mollie O’Connor~ Apollo
14- Beth Harrington~ Augie & Mimi
15- Linda Colburn~ Babe
16- Barb Sontag~ 
17- Anita White~  Gypsy
18- Sandee Elftmann~  Calvin
19- Rachel Seppi~  Luna and Zebulon
20- Colleen C~  Boo
21- Kelli Corrigan~  Fatouche
22- Sharon Parker~  Stray Barn Cat
23- Pat Olson~  Chin
24- Duane T~  Madison
25-  Cami Applequist~  Mishe
26- Brook L-T~ 
27- Amy Ballstead~
28- Leora EW~  Mister Brown
29- Janet Hammer
30- Kristin Heiberg~ Nora, Nick, and Nell
31-Jess Pearson~ Ting

Here is the first cat of this March~  this is Mr Timmons, who resides in Kent, WA, near Seattle, with my oldest brother Patrick, who is a Shamanistic Cartoonist and has a blog of his own here  if you'd like to check it out~

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