Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday March 4!

I LOVED painting this one!  Kris said this is Carlos, her sweetie's cat and that I had to be sure to try to include the "spilled milk" calico coloring down her sweet little chin~  I love the photo and lOVE how the painting turned out!  Yay!
Here's what else Kris says~  "Carlos is crazy. She bounces off the furniture and walls in her best Tony Hawk impression. Pirates have parrots, but we have Carlos- perching on shoulders for a better view. She sometimes snuggles, with her arms stretched out in front of her, waiting for a manicure. And she is usually purring happily, rumbling away under the cute spilled milk mark on her chin."


Janet said...

This is great fund to read Kris talking about Carlos and looking at his painting. Can see his next move. Great Cat! Lovely painting

kris said...

The orange is brilliant!! And I love the solidness of her facial structure and the sweet tufts of ear fur and wispy whiskers. You are masterfully incredible!

kris said...

The orange is brilliant!! Love the solidness of her facial structure, the tufts of soft ear fur, her wispy whiskers and the brightness in the eyes. You are masterfully incredible!