Friday, March 30, 2012

March 30, Friday!

I actually have one more painting tomorrow!  Couldn't stop rolling once I got started!  Do take a minute to check out all the cats here on my webpage~  some of them have been re-done!

And here is a "Three-For-Friday"!  I am someone who appreciates challenges (thought sometimes I imagine my ever-loving husband would prefer I spend more time with him than with my paintbrushes...)  and so I agreed to do three cats today, and these are NICK and NORA and NELL!

"Nick, Nora, and Nell are my Three Musketeers. They came into my life along with three other kittens, all very sick and in need of a foster home. I cared for all six kittens for many weeks and nearly lost Nora and Nell. They all survived: two went to my friend Ann and one went to my friends the Clarks, and I kept N, N, and N! (Nellie would have been put down by the shelter if I hadn’t kept her, because she was a weak, sickly runt).   Nick and Nora are named after Nick and Nora Charles of "Thin Man" fame, and Nellie is simply Nellie (or Nell or Nelly Belly).  Nick’s my ‘big panther”– big, black, and sleek – and a real mama’s boy.  Nora is sweet as pie and a bit wobbly due to cerebellar hypolasia.  She walks, runs, and wrestles as best she can – she doesn’t know she has any limitations! Nell had severe vestibular disease as a kitten and has a permanent head tilt to the left, so she always looks inquisitive.  Despite being the sickliest one, she grew to be a star acrobat and athlete. They are all such dears, I could keep writing, but I’ll stop now!"

I am so glad to know so many people who rescue animals!  And did I mention that a percentage of all profits is going to Caring for Cats?  It is a No-Kill Cat Rescue Shelter in St Paul~
Thank you all!


Zelda said...

I love them! THANK YOU!

Zelda said...

I love them, Kat! THANK YOU!