Thursday, March 29, 2012

March 29th, Thursday

Sometimes I feel like Thursday is when I get things done.  Usually it's Tuesday.  I read somewhere once that Tuesday is the day most work gets done because Monday is when people are recovering from the weekend, Wednesday is hump day and people are just suffering through, Thursday is so close to the weekend you're already sluffing off, and Friday, well forget about it baby!  It's the WEEKEND!
This is Alice.  I greatly enjoyed painting her too, though I was a tad worried about having her eyes closed, but I think it feels a really peaceful piece...
Here's what Alice's loving owner says about her~
"About Alice— she was abandoned in a section 8 house and was pregnant with 5 kitties.  Animal rescue eventually found her and a foster family was secured for her. She delivered 5 babies but only 4 of them lived…….4 girls and they all looked like her…..white with black splotches. When I went to the foster place, I thought I was going to walk away with a kitten but I decided to go with Alice instead. She was so engaging!

I think her time in the lonely house made her really crafty about things b/c there’s nothing……I mean NOTHING…….that gets past her. She can be in the opposite corner of my place and if I rustle a piece of paper, there she is.  She’s a real sweetie, though, despite her auspicious start to life.

When I brought her home, she hid in the back part of the closet for 3 days but I knew her curiosity would take over eventually.  Gradually, I’d see sightings of her until, eventually, I’d see her laying on the side of one dog or on the head of the other one.  I’m now down to one dog and Alice…..and they’re best of friends. They’re really sweet."

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