Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 28th, Wednesday~

I kept thinking today was THURSDAY and that my week is more than half over and I need to get all this stuff done while I still have a few days off, and then I end up spending most of my day trying to figure out how to update my mac to the highest Lion available and it is taking forever to load!  But I did get Mr Brown painted!  And wow, I do really REALLY like this one if I do say so myself-  I think the whiskers totally make the piece.  I will be going back into a lot of the other cats to make sure theirs are peak as well!

And here is Leora's story about Mr Brown- thought I would like to know the origin of his name as well!
"Mister Brown claimed me at the Animal Humane Society by trying to climb onto my head almost four and a half years ago. Ever since, he's been king of our home and hearts, and he knows it."


Leora said...

Oh, Kat! You've caught his expression perfectly! He really is a ham for the camera. One of my favorite models...
As for his name? Mister Brown (we use the full Mister) is named for one of our favorite Food Network personalities, Alton Brown. My wife and I are foodies and his show, Good Eats, had a big influence on our love of food and cooking. But we couldn't bring ourselves to name a cat "Alton", so Mister Brown it was.
Our second cat, a girl kitty also from the humane society, is named Cassia, which comes from the scientific name for common cinnamon.
What can I say? We're geeks!

Isabel PĂ©rez Lima said...

Wonderful cats.Congrats.

Eli said...

Oh, god. The cuteness! Thank you for doing such a great job of capturing Mister Brown in this painting.

-Eli (Mister Brown's "other mommy")

Maryann Lucas said...

You have captured such an adorable personality here! I love all the cats. Great.