Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday October 23rd

What a lovely fall weekend!  And I spent most of today napping and watching kids' movies with Max, feeling a bit under the weather.  Had a great time at the VFW for the Fall HandmadeMN Market!  It always is a gas chatting with people, PLUS I was able to get a couple paintings done!
Here's the first, from my morning drive into school through downtown Minneapolis-  this is 9th street, and I think that's the Hell's Kitchen sign off to the left, barely visible below the skyway...
I LOVE living in Minneapolis!  And it is SO fun to actually WORK in Minneapolis now too!  Yay!
Not that I have anything against St. Paul....
I will be attempting to post this one on the Daily PaintWorks site....  for an auction, starting at $30...  if you are interested, click here!

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Julie Ford Oliver said...

I love the movement and energy of the city you captured in this.