Tuesday, June 28, 2011

30 DOGS in 30 DAYS! Beginning FRIDAY!!!

Alrighty folks!  See below for the OFFICIAL LIST (and let me know if I screwed up on anything!) Things are filling up FAST!  I am nearly full at this point but could probably do a little shuffling if needed~
Here is the dealio~  this FRIDAY JULY 1 I will paint and post my FIRST DOG of the month!  This one is MO, my sister's dog that she had to leave behind in Columbia when she recently relocated to Lebanon~  yes, that's a whole 'nother story...  I will continue to post and paint ONE DOG A DAY (and possibly 2!) for the entire month of July, INCLUDING when we are up in Grand Marais, and when we are wandering around doing other things in town like Art Car Parades (July 23!) AND  Red Hot Art (July 29-30), etc.....~
THEN all the dogs will be on exhibition at Diamond's Coffee Shoppe (1618 Central Ave NE) throughout the month of August, with an OPENING on FRIDAY August 19th from 6-8pm!  We are working out when dogs may be invited too~
And above is "Bingo On The Sidewalk", and below is "Luna Posing"~

thanks for all your support!

July 1- "Mo"  Kelli C~ (mixed breed) 
July 2- "Rupert"  Mel (Papillon)
July 3- "Jeremy"  Lisa (mixed breed)  
July 4- "Toby"  Wendy (Boston Terrier)  
July 5- "Addie"   Jane  (Black Lab)
July 6-  "Atticus"  Lauren  (Golden Schnoodle...)
July 7- "Smokey"  Kelly G  (mixed breed)
July 8-  "Clover"  Christine (mixed breed) 
July 9- "Ike"  Julie  (Vizsla) 
July 10- "Hudson" Liana ( Basset Hound) 
July 11- "Arwyn" Sandy (Chiuaua)
July 12- "Blueberry" Michelle (Havanese) 
July 13- "Gizmo"  Michelle  (Papillon) 
July 14- "Stella"  Kari  (mixed breed)
July 15- "Bitsy & Otis"  Krista (Rottweiler & Boston Terrier) 
July 16- "Bassa"  Mark (Scottie) 
July 17- "Buster"  Mark (Scottie) 
July 18- "Cooper"  Mary (Corgi)  
July 19- "Afton" MaryJane  (mixed breed) 
July 20- "Champ" Rosemary (Chow-mix)
July 21- "Woodstock"  Karen (Basset)  
July 22- "Peeps"  Helen  (mixed breed) 
July 23- "Basil" Lea (Lhasa Apso) 
July 24- "Buddy" Lissa (mixed breed)
July 25- "Eddie"  Carla (Daschund/Beagle)
July 26- "Moxie" Rob (Burmese Mountain Dog)
July 27- “Cody” John Gettler (chiuaua/daschund mix) 
July 28-  "Henry"  Abbie (mixed breed)
July 29- "Ditto" Tabitha  (Schnauzer)
July 30-
July 31- possibly a cat...  just for contrast...

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