Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday May 22

Whew!  Back home around 7:30pm which is an hour and a half late for Max's bedtime so we've had a bit of a personal tornado around here.... and wow!  What incredible cloud formations on the drive home!  Of course, I was terrified and naggin at  poor Duane who was functioning on as much sleep as I plus had been wrangling a toddler all weekend...  I have got to WORK on my fear and figure out how to just breath calmly-  I get so focused on disaster and so worried about everything!  I mean, I KNOW there's no use in worrying until there's something to actual deal with~
Anyway I hadn't meant to get all worked up here about that-
Sally at the Market
We went up to Grand Marais to work and my mom and I worked our little tails off!  I accomplished what I'd set out to do, which was to paint 5 30x40 canvases with dog portraits, and I DID!  And I only did one of MY dog, Gus!  All the other dogs were ones I came across while in Grand Marais-  one of my favs I'll post tomorrow, Luna, the dog owned by Amy the artistic director at the Art Colony!
Woeful in the Kitchen Wednesday
SO these are my GUS, leaning in the kitchen on wed afternoon, knowing that something was up because we were all packing the car and Bingo was already at mom and dad's house.  The Irish Setter was at the Farmer's Marlet in Grand Marais yesterday-  three and a half years old and already retired from a show-dog career-  very contained which seemed odd for a setter.  Thus I loved the pose with the tense eyes and her teeth showing.....

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